Veteran Owned
veteran operated

The Business

Living Large Outfitters specializes in providing small groups of hunters an opportunity to hunt Trophy Whitetail deer together. We focus on harvesting mature deer and letting the younger bucks walk to live another day so that they can reach their full potential. We also giveaway hunts to fellow veterans each year as our way of giving back for all the freedoms we enjoy.

We prefer hunters to arrive the evening before they are scheduled to hunt so that we can go over the plan that has been formed for the group. 


A hot meal will be provided at the lodge every evening after you return from hunting. We recommend packing a lunch and eating in the stand, especially if hunting during the rut. Many hunters bring their own cooler to keep some food in it as well. You will have access to a full kitchen for cooking as long as you clean up after yourself.

It is recommended to wear rubber boots to prevent leaving scent on the plant life while sneaking in to your stand. We believe this will greatly increase your chance for success. You are also welcome to bring a portable stand of your own in case you observe a bucks pattern and want to set up on him in a spot we do not already have a stand. 

Upon arrival you will be required to sign a basic waiver of liability and a refresher of the rules of the hunt. At this point we can go over a plan to harvest a deer and you can do a weapons check to make sure your gear is ready to hunt.

Things are pretty straight forward here at Living Large Outfitters. We have stands in place with shooting lanes cut where the deer are known to travel by. All you have to do is sit still in the stand staying alert while enjoying the show that mother nature puts on for you, and make your shot count when an opportunity presents itself.

We focus on growing mature bucks and have a 140 inch minimum for a buck to be considered a shooter. A $900  fee will be applied to any buck that does not meet this requirement. 

We look forward to serving you here at Living Large Outfitters.

Christopher Large

Christopher has been passionate about chasing white-tail deer since he was a young boy watching the men of the family bring home the deer and process them into meat for the family to feast on.  With more than 25 years of pursuit he has gained a wealth of knowledge about how the wildlife operate in his neck of the woods. Hunting has been a family tradition all of his life and he hopes it will continue that way for the rest of his days. Over the years as a sportsman and a steward of the land he has gained an good understanding of how nature runs its course in central Illinois. 


In his 80’s and still getting it done! Defiantly something we should all strive for in life. Papa has passed down a wealth of hunting knowledge to his grandsons Christopher and Corey over the years.  Papa is a true sportsman all the way to his core. He grew up poor in this area with 9 brothers and sister. The stories he has about hunting for survival growing up seem to amaze anyone who has the time to listen. It is hard to believe that in his childhood there weren’t even deer around this area to hunt. He enjoys helping out around camp and sharing hunting stories with visitors. 

Corey Large


Corey has been an outdoorsman all of his life. He loves the pursuit of the white-tail deer and has become a master at choosing locations to ambush mature white-tail bucks in both Central Illinois and Southern Missouri. Corey pursued a career as a Forester and has been working with the Department of Natural Resources for many years now. He has a great understanding of our ecosystem and knows what it takes to promote healthy whitetail deer habitat. 


Nana is in her 80’s and still putting up with her ornery husband Papa. They have been married for over 65 years and are some of the happiest people in this world. Nana is a veteran at gardening and preserving the gardens spoils. She loves to cook and entertain for visitors. With Nana around you will never have to worry about going hungry. She will always make you feel at home and make sure you have a full stomach.

Liv Ann Large

Liv is our hunting lodge companion. Christopher and his local family trained her themselves from the age of 8 weeks old. She keeps an eye on things around camp keeping the predators at bay and welcoming our visitors.

She loves to search the woods around the lodge for shed antlers in the winter adding to our lodge collection every year. She also enjoys retrieving anything you are willing to throw for her. She will literally wear your arms out.

Rarely will you see more excitement in her eyes than during dove season. When she hears the shotgun safeties clicking off and has an eye on the birds passing overhead she is truly in, what must be her vision of heaven.